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      무료 축구 베팅 기간 opinion

      maggie boyle on kitchen songsIn April & May 2012, I had the honour and delight of visiting many of the songwriters who have played a significant part in my musical life. It's been a wonderful experience, and I have gathered videos of our interviews and their songs. It's been especially thrilling for me to be able to sing their songs with them. I hope you will enjoy it all.

      My sincere thanks to David Crickmore for his company on these lovely journeys, and for his expert support. The first, one hour, radio show documenting my travels - made by David Crickmore - was aired on BBC Radio Leeds on August Bank Holiday Monday. Another, 2-hour, show was broadcast over Christmas, featuring 8 of the songwriters. Hopefully more where this came from.

      It does not stop there. I was invited to continue my Kitchen project at Fleadh Cheoil na héireann, the huge traditional music festival in Cavan, Ireland. Returning to my Irish roots, I tracked down singers, storytellers and musicians – including my uncle, Gerry Gorman. Videos coming soon.  All this, plus bonus videos from 무료 축구 베팅 기간 opinion  Miriam Backhouse & others still to come. And after that…. we’ll have to wait and see what happens!      


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